Terms of collaboration with travel bloggers and influencers

Serengeti Heroes Safaris is excited to partner with travel bloggers, Instagrammers, and YouTube creators. If you have a sizable and engaged audience relevant to our offerings, we’re open to arranging a trip to Tanzania for you at a discounted rate or even complimentary!

If your content and audience align with Serengeti Heroes Safaris’ mission of providing incredible adventures for international travelers, including thrilling safaris in Tanzania and memorable Kilimanjaro expeditions, please reach out to us at partner@serengetiheroes.com. We appreciate detailed information about yourself and look forward to discussing how you can travel with Serengeti Heroes in exchange for promoting our company on your blog or social media platforms.

Why do we require a large following?

We understand that the minimum subscriber requirement for free participation in Serengeti Heroes Safaris may seem high. However, organizing tours in Tanzania, particularly Kilimanjaro climbs and safaris, entails significant expenses compared to trips in other destinations.

When Serengeti Heroes Safaris extends an invitation to visit Tanzania for a wildlife safari or Kilimanjaro climb, we incur substantial costs, including:

  • National park fees (ranging from $100 to $500 per day for safaris and $1000 to $1200 for climbing Kilimanjaro)
  • Accommodation in hotels and lodges (averaging $200 per night, including meals)
  • Salaries of safari guides, mountain guides, porters, and support teams. It typically takes a team of about ten individuals to organize a Kilimanjaro trek for one person
  • Obtaining filming permits (starting from $2000 per permit)

On average, organizing a trip for one person costs between $4000 and $7500. With premium accommodations, flights between parks, or additional activities like hot air balloon excursions, costs can exceed $10,000. While we’re willing to make these investments, we expect to reach a sufficient number of potential customers through your content. Hence, we’re selective about your niche, target audience, and content quality.

What We Expect from cooperation

We look forward to collaborating with content creators who will:

  • Clearly mention and link to Serengeti Heroes Safaris in posts, videos, captions, descriptions, and tags
  • Provide high-quality photo and video content
  • Avoid collaborating with other travel companies during their trip to Tanzania and refrain from mentioning them in their content. Serengeti Heroes Safaris will organize the entire trip, from start to finish

We’re open to discussing the number of mentions in posts, tags, photos, and videos based on the type of content published.

TikTok and other emerging platforms

At this time, TikTok and other platforms (apart from YouTube, Instagram, and blog websites) are not a priority for us. Given the cost of traveling to Tanzania, TikTok users typically do not align with our target audience. However, reach out to us at partner@serengetiheroes.com to arrange new terms that will be a good fit for both sides based on discounted paricipation.

Alternative options

If you’re a talented photographer or videographer, we’re willing to cover your trip in exchange for high-quality visual content. When applying, please be prepared to share your portfolio for our review.

Discounted participation

If you haven’t reached a large audience on your social media accounts yet, we may offer you a significant discount on participating in Serengeti Heroes Safaris’ expeditions. Your audience should be interested in outdoor adventures, mountain trekking, or international travel. If you have a blog or channel with fewer subscribers than specified above but within our niche, feel free to reach out to us!

Please contact us at partner@serengetiheroes.com or fill out the contact form below with detailed information about your work, audience demographics, and more. We’re eager to explore potential partnerships with you!

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