Do's and Don'ts

Navigating Tanzania Safaris: Essential Dos and Don’ts for a Seamless Adventure

The Do’s:

1. Pack Light: Keep Your Bag Under 20kg do's

During your Tanzania Safari Tours, opt for a lightweight bag (under 20 kg) to ensure easy mobility and deter unwanted attention. Airlines may charge extra for heavier luggage, so pack smart.

2. Wear Neutral-Colored, Lightweight Clothes do's

Blend into your surroundings by wearing neutral-colored, lightweight clothes that dry quickly. Consider carrying proper trousers, shirts, and a lightweight jacket for chilly nights and early morning drives.

3. Be Patient: Guides Will Ensure Wildlife Encounters do's

Stay calm and patient during your trek or game drive. Guides strive to provide exceptional wildlife scenes, but they can’t control animal behavior. Enjoy the peaceful surroundings during downtime.

4. Prepare for Weather Variations do's

Tanzania’s weather is unpredictable, especially in Serengeti. Be ready for various conditions by bringing a raincoat and warm clothes. Pack accordingly for a comfortable and adaptable journey.

5. Bring Ready Cash do's

Ensure you have sufficient cash as ATMs may be scarce in remote safari parks. Handy for snacks, meals, and tips, having cash on hand is crucial for emergencies.

6. Stay Hydrated: Carry Clean Drinking Water do's

Stay hydrated during your Tanzania Safari Tours, especially during walks and treks. Bring a bottle of clean water, and ensure a refill is readily available. Your safari vehicle will likely carry clean bottled water.

7. Stay in a Canvas Tent: Immerse in Wildlife and Serengeti Nights do's

For a unique experience, stay in a canvas tent close to wildlife. Enjoy Serengeti’s night sky and breathe in the essence of nature, making your Tanzania Destinations tour unforgettable.

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8. Participate in Early Morning Drives for Photography do's

Capture the best wildlife moments by waking up early for morning drives. This is the prime time for animals to roam, offering unparalleled opportunities for stunning photographs.

9. Read About Tanzania Wildlife and Customs do's

Preparation is key. Learn about Tanzania’s wildlife and customs to integrate seamlessly with locals. Enhance your experience by understanding the culture before embarking on your safari.

The Don’ts:

1. Do Not Approach Animals on Foot dont's

Respect the wild nature of animals. Avoid approaching them on foot unless guided by your tour guide or forest rangers. Keep a safe distance and follow expert advice.


2. Avoid Displays of Wealth dont's

To ensure your security, avoid displaying wealth during your Tanzania Safari Tours. This practice can attract unwanted attention and pose safety concerns.

3. Do Not Extend Your Hand to a Woman Without Permission dont's

Respect cultural norms; refrain from extending your hand to a woman unless she initiates contact. Public displays of affection are discouraged during safaris.

4. Do Not Photograph People Without Permission dont's

Respect privacy by seeking permission before photographing people. Avoid capturing images without consent to maintain a positive and respectful environment.

By adhering to these dos and don’ts, your Tanzania Safari Tours with Serengeti Heroes Safaris will be a memorable and enjoyable experience. Plan your adventure wisely and make the most of your safari.

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